Third meeting at café puusti

Our third meeting took place in a small café where we ordered some Cinnamon buns and tea. Our group has expanded by one additional person. His Name is Nedas and he also wants to learn some Spanisch.

In the first part of the lesson wir repeated the things we had learned in the last meeting so that Nedas had a chance to catch up a bit. I think it is going to be hard for Diego to teach us Spanisch because we are on different levels. As Jacqueline and I already learned some Spanisch in High School and Nedas did not.

After repeating the Words and phrases from the last meeting we started to learn vocabulary accorded to the kitchen and cooking. We recognized that some of the words are quite similar for example: tomato-tomate-Tomate

Furthermore we learned the clock, how to ask for the time and some other useful sentences.

English Spanish German
fridge refrigerador Kühlschrank
plate plato Teller
fork tenedor Gabel
pot olla Topf
glas vaso Glas
potato papa Kartoffel
rice arroz Reis
tomato tomate Tomate
cheese queso Käse
banana plátano Banane
bell pepper pimiento Paprika
honey miel Honig
Are you hungry? ¿Tienes hambre? Bist du hungrig?
Do you want more? ¿Quieres más? Willst du mehr?
How is the food? ¿Cómo está la comida? Wie ist das Essen?
How much does ist cost? ¿Cuanto cuesta? Wie viel kostet das?
It is very expensive. Está muy caro. Es ist sehr teuer.
When do we meet? ¿Cuando nos vemos? Wann sehen/treffen wir uns?


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