Another country, another cultures.


Today, 23 September, I met with two Belgium guys, Thomas and Arne, who are both living near to Brugges (Belgium) came to our home which is situated in the center of the city of Tampere. We had a coffee, tea and played a game which name is “chained words” , a typical Spanish game on the blackboard, putting one word in Spanish and the next one in Dutch. Every word we have written on the blackboard it’s been translated into English, so we can all understand everything and have a three idioms meeting. We have tried to guess the meaning of each word before knowing the real meaning, turning the game more interesting.

On the other hand, we have set the other reunion dates in order to organize our schedules. We have chosen different possible places as having a barbecue at Ritakatu where the Belgium guys live, going canoeing on a lake, going to watch the northern lights on a lake too. Also, we have planned to meet at a coffee bar to play some table games. We want to play volley and have a picnic at the beach which is placed at “Atlaspuisto” too. Moreover, we want to play some scooters or some bikes and go to a nice place, and if the weather is good for do it, maybe we can do ice skating too.

And last of all we are going to cook typical food for both countrys, Spanish omelette and waffles.

Finally, we have searched our own cities to know each other location. Their cities are Torhout and Keiem.

It has been a great experience since they are fantastic guys, who besides teaching their language and their culture make us have a good time together.


…See you in the next post!



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