From France 🇫🇷 to Italia 🇮🇹

Here we are. I am going to learn some Italian words! For the each one teach one, I will meet Alessandro, an Italian guy.  I will teach French, and I will learn Italian. We will work by pair with Camille, and individually too.

At the end, I really want Alessandro speak short conversation in French, and, likewise, in Italian, Camille and I.  I hope learning more Italian way of living and culture.

We plan to meet at least 10 times. We will decide which subject we will turn to at the end of each meeting. Our plans are:

French meal: It’s an important part of French life to share our gastronomy. I plan to cook some French dishes like Quiche Lorraine, ratatouille… and also to have a breakfast with French bakery. French wine and cheese are also for the French program.


Italians meal as well: Italia has a udge gastronomy to share. I would like to taste tiramisu, pizza, gnocchis, pasta, lasagnes, ravioli, Italian wine and lots of other meal.

We are going to alternate both meal, and we plan to meet either at French home or Italian home.

Shops :  Basically, we plan to go through shops, and define some of the clothes or objects.  We can end by learning alphabet in a coffee shop.

supermarket( September 27th) :  meeting to discover food (vegetables, fruits, meat, cakes…)

trip to the lake : meeting to discover nature, and to enjoy finnish tradition also


Bar/club: meeting in another atmosphere to talk about the difference between France and Italia

Basics of the language: verbs, numbers, day of the week, time, weather, season

Discovering the culture, politic, economic, education, and geography of our country.


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