First meeting – ¿Cómo te llamas?

Today was our Each One Teach One -groups first meeting. We met in a Wayne’s Coffee. First I stressed a bit about my English skills, because my vocabulary isn’t very wide. But when I met Gabriela and Getuar, the feeling was very comfort. Getuar can speak also finnish so he helped me if I didn’t find some word.

Gabriela was from Uruguay and that was amazing, because I was exchange student in Argentina last spring. I travelled to Uruguay and with Gabriela we had many common things to talk about South-Americas culture.

Gabriela started to teach spanish language to me and Getuar. I knew something basic things about Spanish because of my time in Argentina, but of course I am an beginner like Getuar. I understood how much I have forgotten for the spanish language, but spanish words returned fast to my mind.

We learned basic things in spanish like how to introduce yourself and how to say hello, sorry, thank you and so on. We tried to study verbs, but we think that’s too difficult thing to learn first. Maybe in next meeting we start to study easy words. For example weekdays or numbers.

In any case it was very nice to meet my Each One Teach One -group and I’m looking forward to meet they soon again!

– Janica 🙂

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