4th Meeting @ Kaffila

Our fourth meeting was at café Kaffila, where we first of all repeated the numbers in Spanish and German again.  After this we talked about the “Oktoberfest” which is a traditional german fest and as a matter of fact in Tampere is kind of a “Oktoberfest” in the beginning of October and we decided to go there on our next meeting with some other Each one Teach one groups. So that Diego and Nedas can have a real german experience. Further we started with the lecture. In this lesson we learned about how to describe the look of a person and about feelings.
We also talked about typical food from our countries and what Diego and Nedas would like to taste.

English Spanish German
My sister is .. Mi hermana es .. Meine Schwester ist ..
My friend is .. Mi novio es .. Mein Freund ist ..
tall alto groß
old mayor/viejo alt
beautiful guapo hübsch
thin delgado/flaco dünn
feelings sentimientos Gefühle
I am .. Estoy .. Ich bin ..
I am feeling .. Me siento .. Ich fühle mich ..
happy felize glücklich
hungry hambrimento hungrig
excited emocionado aufgeregt
confused confundido verwirrt
a bit un poco ein bisschen

I am looking forward to our next meeting at the “Oktoberfest”.

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