Excursion to IKEA

Our last meeting was in IKEA. Maris had to work but Neea wanted to go to IKEA because she is moving to a new flat so we decided to go there together and learn some new vocabulary in IKEA.

We met at TAMK and then we went by bus to Neea´s home. It´s funny because the day before I had a Finnish Society and Culture class where they told us that finnish people never invite others to their home. She showed me her house, with the typical sauna and also her cutes dogs. She also showed me the film area where we will go someday to watch a Finnish or Spanish film.  After this we went by car to IKEA  and she bought the things she needed at the same time we learn some new words:

Mikä tämä on suomeksi? How do you say this in Finnish?

Ostos karry. Shopping trolly.

Paljonko tämä maksaa? How much does it cost?

Uutuus. Something new.

Lautanen. Plate.

Lusikka. Spoon.

Haatukka. Fork.

Veitsi. Knife.

Lasi. Glass.

Muki. Cup

Kylpyhuone. Bathroom.

Roskakori. Bin.

Peitto. Quilt.

Tyyny. Pillow.

Aluslakana. Sheet.

Kukkaruukku.  Flower pot. (Kukka. Flower)

Kenkälusikka. Shoehorn.

Kynttilä. Candle.

Käsipyyhe. Hand tower.

Ulos. Exit.

Kassat. Checker.

The day was really fun, and we also learn, by guessing how to write the words, that Spanish words never have the letter K, always C, while in Finnish it´s the opposite thing, in fact almost every word has the letter K. Finland seems to love that letter!

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