Spanish omelet + Pancakes

On September 30th, Saturday night, our awesome group met up in TOAS City with the main purpose of developing our typical gastronomy such as Spanish omelet made by the Spanish people (Angel, Zazu, Cris and I) and on the other hand, regarding to the typical meal, Belgian people prepared for us, consisted of some tasty pancakes with some sugar in it. Even the pancakes are not from Belgium, Thomas and Arne made them really great and delicious.

While some of us were pealing the potatoes, beating the eggs, cutting the onions and preparing the pan, the other ones were writing in the blackboard the ingredients of the Spanish omelet in order to learn the different sound and letter the words are made of.
After carrying out all process of making the omelet and eating it all together, we were really hungry by the way; Arne and Thomas offered us the pancakes with some sugar on them. They were delicious!


And finally, we enjoyed our food together talking about some typical ways of cooking in Belgium as well as in Spain. Looking forward to meet up again!!

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