Last Saturday, 30th October, we had our second group meeting. The idea was cooking some original food of our countries and learning the different ingredients in both idioms too. We met at 7 o’clock in the evening, so we could prepare the whole dinner and taste it together.

The spanish people (Cristina, Marta, Aránzazu and I) started preparing the potatoes omelette. The first step was cutting the potatoes into small pieces. At the same time, we cut also half an onion and cook it at low heat until it goes brown. Then, we fried the potatoes in olive oil. Afterwards, we beat the eggs, and we added to then the fried potatoes and the onion too. We took another pan with some oil (not so much). When it went warm, we added the mix on it, as the following pictures show.


The key of this recipe is just knowing when the first side it’s cooked to flip it over. In my oppinion, this omelette has a better taste when you cook it for a short time rather than having it too much on the fire, because it becomes so dry. We only had a problem, the big size of the mix, which was too much for the pan. In spite of that, we achieved on doing the omelette, and it was very tasty.

Firstly, we ate the omelette. Then, our groupmates, the belgium guys (Arne and Thomas) made some pancakes for dessert. They would like to prepare some belgium fries, but we hadn’t a fryer. Although it wasn’t an original dish of their country, we enjoyed it so much. We missed the maple syrup with the pancakes, so we think on buying it on the next time.

Meanwhile, we wrote in the blackboard the main ingredients of each dish. The idea was to translate each word to spanish and Dutch, to learn something during this cooking meeting. We started writing them in english, and then, in spanish and dutch. 

I think this meeting has been so funny, because we were cooking together and laughing about our kitchen skills. We enjoyed the dinner and planned our next appointments. I hope you like my post! See you soon. Ángel.

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