Visiting Ikea

For this meeting due to some scheduling issues we met just me and Teresa. We had been talking about using trip to Ikea as a learning environment since there is so much stuff you can learn names to. I needed to get some stuff for my new appartment so that’s where we went.

We started by learning a simple question that we would be asking the rest of the couple hours:

¿Que es esto en epaῆol? = mikä tämä on espanjaksi? = what this is in Spanish? (what I asked from her)


Mikä tämä on suomeksi? = what this is in Finnish? (what she asked from me)

When answering to these questions to each other we learned a lot of new objects. In Ikea everything is also written in Swedish, but we decided to focus just learning Finnish and Spanish for we thought that was enough. Personally I can also understand Swedish but we didn’t want to confuse Teresa since Finnish is already really complicated.

carrito de la compra = ostoskärry = shopping cart

la cocina = keittiö = kitchen

plato= lautanen = plate (yep Finnish is the different one 😛 )

cuchara = lusikka = spoon

tenedor = haarukka = fork

cuchillo = veitsi = knife

vaso = lasi = glass

taza = muki = cup

papelera = roskakori = rubbish bin

edredon = peitto = blanket

almohada = tyyny = pillow

sabana bajera = aluslakana = bottom sheet

maceta ( para flores ) = kukkaruukku = flower pot

calzador = kenkälusikka = shoehorn

vela = kynttilä = candles

toalla de manos = käsipyyhe = hand towel

From this list you can get some idea of both what we saw and what I bought. Of course there are a lot more stuff in Ikea, but as there is no point in learning too many words at once so here are just few of them.

We also practised some full sentences to take the learning to the next level from just learning words.

Podemos coger un carrio de la compra = meidän täytyy ottaa ostoskärryt = we have to take a shopping cart

hay un problema con nuestro carrito = kärryssämme on ongelma = there’s a problem with our shopping cart ( since one of the wheels didn’t turn propely and made terrible sound)

¿Cuando cuesta esto? = paljonko tämä maksaa? = how much does this cost?

An other important thing we learned was that there is a huge different in how you spell a certain word. As Teresa answered to my question what something was I first tried to write them down on my own. Then she checked them and most of the time the way I would write this word I’ve never heard before was completely different as it was actually ment to be written. And in some cases I’d accidently written an completely different meaning word. An example from this is the word cocina=kitchen, for we rarely use lette “c” in Finnish so I thought the word would be written “kochina” in Spanish, making it kind of a mixture between Finnish and English spelling ways. However, as I found out this word actually means something like a “dirty girl” other than the kitchen I was ment to write…


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