Visiting Flea Market

On Monday we decided to visit flea market called Radiokirppis which is located at Laukontori.

When we were looking at various stuff on the flea market, I learned some new words. For example when we saw comic books, we discussed that Donald Duck is ドナルド and Mickey  Mouse is ミッキー in Japanese. We are also discussing about prices a lot, because some of the items were quite expensive (like 30€ for a Moomin mug) and some were cheap. Finally I bought this キティちゃん frisbee for my daughters.

After flea market we still visited asian food shop and Kauppahalli. I recommended a restaurant called Neljä vuodenaikaa (which is located inside Kauppahalli) to Mutsumi and others. It is definitely one of the best lunch restaurants in Tampere.

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