Fazer Cafe

Third time,we thought we should make something different.So we went to the fazer cafe in the central of the city. Polina told me this shop is very classic in Finland.And when we ordered the bread and tea. We also got a very nice candy from the waitress. It is maybe the traditional way in the shop to welcome the customers. It is really cool.

When we enjoyed the cafe and the tea,we talked about how was going on our last week.I lost my phone in the bus.And seven hours ago,I still had no news about my phone,I thought it must gone.Last when I used my friend’s phone to call,a really nice finish got it.It was so lucky I could get back my phone.I told to polina how nice your country and people is!

We also talked about the culture and my interesting thing in each country.I told the “four famous books in country” and “four famous festivals”.She also taught me the festival like Christmas.

See you next week!

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