Oktoberfest Tampere

On 5 October,  our group decided to go Oktoberfest event which is created by Plevna. Since Oktoberfest was originally from Germany, that night is time for me to broaden my vision about some similar tradition in Germany.

At first, when we all reached, Tomi who was the suggester about this event just told about some stories of Oktoberfest when he was in Munich at his previous time. He said that usually, he will take 4 or 5L of beers during Oktoberfest when he is hanging out with his friends in Munich. And one time he took 1L which is a very big mug.

So, I had no choice but to get the same volume of beer in order to celebrate with them.  As a Malaysian, I seldom drink this much in my life and It was really new for me. It is because most of the people in Malaysia are Muslim,  they are not allowed to drink alcoholic beverages due to religion problem.

Thus, they kept pouring to my mug when I finished. At the end, I got drunk even I could still remember some details. It was my first time to get drunk but it was totally a worthy experience.

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