School and education

We choose school to be the topic of our second meeting, so we got together after our classes ended at TAMK.
We started with learning some basic words in Finnish and in Hungarian in connection with school. 

After that we were talking about the school systems in both countries.
Beginning with the structure, which look almost the same except for the number of years spent in one institution. Also Finland has two different kinds of universities and you can find a huge variety of subjects at one campus from very different fields, while in Hungary most unis are built around one field of study and have different faculties and campuses for the subfields.

We also talked about the graduation and entrance exams and how you can get into high schools and universities.
I’ve learnt that in Finland, when you want to go to high school or technical school, only your grades and your average count, while in Hungary you have to take exams and your points will determine. Though it is similar, that only students with better learning skills can get into high schools.
Also when you graduate from high school, you have some exams in both countries, but in Hungary the results of these are used to apply for universities, while in Finland it’s less significant, since you have to take separate entrance exams when applying.

I think that our meeting was a great opportunity for me to learn about the Finnish school system, to which I somehow belong now and I hope, that I could teach interesting details about the Hungarian education. I find it very interesting, how our systems differ but are similar at the same time.

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