Sky Bar

Yesterday I met Mutsumi at Moro Sky Bar. We had a great time as we enjoyed the night view (yakei) of Tampere and practised Japanese/Finnish. Mutsumi was kind to help me with my Japanese homework (shukudai) about Japanese national holidays. We also discussed the cultural differences of celebrating Christmas and New Year in Japan/Finland.

It seems Japanese culture has many holidays/celebrations reIated to reaching certain age, respecting the elders, nature and nation and of course also following buddhist/shinto traditions. I learned new words and concepts such as keshiki (scenery), otoshidama (money given to children on New Year’s day), seijinshiki (coming of age ceremony), oni (demon, which is heard in anime often:),  Odairi-sama and Ohina-sama (dolls presented during Hinamatsuri see pic below), hina-arare (rice crackers for Hinamatsuri), koi (carp), koinobori (carp-shaped wind sock) and kaaneeshon (carnation).

Time just flew by when we talked about various things in that amazing scenery. I definitely think that sky bar is a must visit to all foreign students in Tampere (the entrance is free of charge)!


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