International Lunch

Today we met at Hangs place and had kind of an international Lunch. The starter was a Swabian potato salad (which I made for the first time on my one and it took me for about two hours!) and of course, the Finnish rice pastries with butter. The main course consisted of Noodles with a Vietnamese sauce made from tomatoes, soy sauce, a lot of garlic and soy (it was so god!). The dessert was a mud cake. The mud cake is a traditional Finnish/Swedish dessert. It’s chocolate cake and it’s rare inside. You can eat it warm or cold, with ice cream or berries.

While we had Lunch, we recognized that cooking and eating in Vietnam is totally different than in Germany and Finland. For example, Hang squashed the garlic with her hands, Tuuli and I just cut it into small pieces with a normal knife. Moreover, it’s OK to put the noodles in the table with the hands – something that was really strange and new for us 😀  Hang also told us, that Vietnamese people usually don’t’ eat at the table, because they have a special place on the floor for it (but of course with pillows and something to put the food on). It was funny and interesting as well, to learn more about these differences and about the similarities between the German and Finnish habits in the kitchen.

Looking forward for the next food-date!

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