For our fourth meeting we choose to get to know the Finnish and the Hungarian letters, so like in primary school, we learnt the ABC in both languages.

We decided to write down words beginning with each letter, so that we can also learn some easy vocab and Krista can make cards with them later as her art project.

The Finnish version:

And the Hungarian one:

The first significant difference that we noticed is in the number of letters, since Hungarians have 44, while Finns only have 29.
Altough the Finnish ABC doesn’t have that many letters, they still barely use about 9 of them, so it was either difficult or impossible to find words in those cases.
However in the Hungarian version, we have 4 letters that are not really in use only in foreign words and about 2-3 that are rarely used. As something special, we also have double letters, which look like two single ones put together, but have a totally different pronunciation in most cases.

I think I’ve never been thinking about the letters themselves before, for me the Hungarian ABC was the basic, since it is a must learn for every primary school student. Although I  find it really interesting, that even the basis of the languages can differ this much.

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