How to speak in Italian ? 🇮🇹

For our 5th meeting, we decided to met in TAMK to do more “instructive” activity. What was the purpose of this meeting ? Basics of french and Italian ! It was a such interesting meeting because we learn words that we can use in the daily life if we go one day in Italia or France. We did it in a easy-to-learn way, on a board, we write in Italian, then in French, and then we tried to pronounce. It was really funny because we noticed that we didn’t have the same pronounciation for some letters : in Italian, we pronounce an accent on a double letter, or in French, the “é” and “è” doesn’t have the same sound.

You can find follow all the differents categories that we afforded :


Seasons, days, months


Basics sentences

I am really satisfied to have learnt new vocabulary, that’s why now I really want to go in Italia to put into practice !

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