Oktoberfest @ Plevna

During the 5th meeting we wanted to show Diego and Nedas a part of German culture. We went with them and some other each one teach one groups to the Oktoberfest at Plevna which is typically celebrated in Baveria. It was not like the real German Oktoberfest but close enough. The original Oktoberfest takes place in September in big tents with ale-benches.

We drank some beer and ate German food while a Band played some traditional German Folk music.

Later we explained them how to wear the traditional outfit for girls “Dirndl”. Depending on how the woman wears the loop you can see her relationship status.On the right side it means that the woman is taken or married, on the left side it means single or not married, in the middle it shows she’s a virgin, and on the back it means she is a widow.


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