Basics of Italian 🎓🇮🇹

We noticed that we learned a lot of vocabulary about food, clothes and so on but we don’t know the basics things yet. Then, for our 5th session we decided to speak about the basics things like the numbers, the seasons, the days/months, the auxiliary verbs, and some sentences for the daily life. For that, we met at TAMK in a classroom on the C2 floor. We used the board to write the words to know the writing and to understand the pronunciation.

Then, let me show you the different categories that we learned:

We noticed that some words are very similar in Italian and French contrary to them in English. It was a very funny exercise because when we tried to pronounce the words, we noticed that a lot of letters doesn’t have the same pronunciation in Italian and French. For example, the “ch” is pronounced like a “k” in Italian while in French the pronunciation is softer.

I am very happy to know some basics things in Italian, now I can go to Italy to use what I learned !

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