Sheriff of Nottingham

Yesterday we gathered together to play a game called Sheriff of Nottingham. It was the English version of the game and Tero brought it. Sheriff of Nottingham is a smuggling game where you have to bluff and take risks to be victorious. It’s a fun and intriguing game so I recommend other groups to try it out as well!

Our meeting place was a restaurant/bar called Living Room. It is very laid back place so we could even eat our own snacks which I brought. I ordered meat tacos, and I was given a pretty exotic version of that. But it was delicious.

During this meeting we mostly discussed in English. As so as, we each have a different skill level in Japanese so discussion in a group while playing the game is a bit difficult. But I was attending Japanese lessons right before our meeting so I definitely got my daily dose of language studies. We have a good group and it is fun to hang out together, so I’m happy that I chose to attend to this course!

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