Similarities in French & Italian vocabulary.

The Each one teach one meeting we had the last week felt a lot more like a school lesson… Maybe the main reason for that was the location, since we were at TAMK or maybe because we were: listening, repeating, writing down and so on… In a nutshell, learning in the way that people usually do at school.

This doesn’t mean that the learning process during this meeting was not fun, because at least for me, but i bet even for my “team-mates” Audrey and Camille, learning a language that interests you, is usually a lot more enjoyable that learning something else that maybe you have to learn just for the aim of getting some credits from the course.

The similarities between our two languages are in ” a stable situation”; with this I mean that they are not increasing or decreasing since a lot of words or verbs are similar or even written in the same way, but the pronunciation in French is totally different from Italian so sometimes it was quite tricky to try to guess how to pronounce a word and I had to ask help or corrections from my friends.


In my opinion we are learning quite a bit during our meetings, maybe for the next one we will try to focus on more practical things like some basic phrases that could help us for example during our travels to France or Italy respectively!

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