Spanish Potato Omelet

After the great Dinner in the Malaysian way, it was time to taste the Spanish cuisine.
Our Spanish Group Member Maria, suggested to make a Spanish potato Omelet, because they mostly eat it in the evening for dinner.

We met in Loys apartment again because his apartment is the biggest and we have a lot of space there to cook.

Loy and Maria prepared the Omelet, while Kasimir, Ivan and me bought some Nachos and different sauces for it.

Maria also brought some Spanish ham. It was so delicious.
We baked the nachos in the oven with some cheese, because we were not sure if the potato Omelet would be enough for 5 people but in the end it was to much. So Loy had a great breakfast in the next day.

Of course we learned new Spanish Vocabulary’s , too.

  • Potatoes = Patatas
  • Eggs = Huevos
  • Salt = Sal
  • Olive oil = Aceite de oliva

For our next meeting we planned to watch an Ice Hockey Game together.
I am looking forward to this event.



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