Let’s drink some Pálinka! Egészségedre!

Fruzsi’s mom visited last week and she gave Fruzsi some “pálinka” and “kolbász”. So this Tuesday we introduced some Hungarian thing to Krista. Pálinka is the national alcoholic drink of Hungary. The fruits spirit got smashed, distilled, matured and bottled. The alcohol percentage is over 45%.  We had some apricot and plum pálinka this time. One of the apricot was made in 2016 and the other one in 2017. From the plum we had one from the age 2010 and from 2016.

The kolbász is a sausage type in Hungary, it’s usually made from pork in the time of “disznóvágás”. This event is a traditional Hungarian event, we wake up early, get some shot of pálinka and butcher the pig. We use every piece of the pork, even the blood. It’s sounds brutal, but still it’s a very cheerfull event in Hungary.

So we gathered around in our place at the TOAS City and taught all these things to Krista. We tried all the four pálinka and made an order. The plum from 2010 was the winner. To say “cheer” in Hungarian, we use the word “Egészségedre”. It’s hard to prounance, but Krista was doing great at the end.

It was a really nice evening together, the pálinka warmed up all of us from inside, I think all of us enjoyed it. And also we had the time to quickly rehearse the Finnish national holidays as well.

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