Waffles and chill


After a long time without seing each other because we couldn´t find any suitable day for Maris, Neea and I, we decided to meet in pairs. So yesterday, Neea and I went to the best waffles place in Tampere. After catching up on our lives and enjoying our lovely waffles and coffee, we start writing all the words we wanted to learn, as well as useful sentences and basic colours:

  • Maitokahvi soijamaidolla: coffee with soia milk
  • Kahvila: coffee place
  • Kahvilla: drinking coffe
  • Sokeri: sugar
  • Ruskea sokeri: brown sugar
  • Punainen: red
  • nainen: women
  • sininen: blue
  • vihrea: green
  • keltainen: yellow
  • violetti: purple
  • oranssi: orange
  • valkoinen: white
  • musta: black
  • vaaleanpunainen: pink (light red)
  • tummansininen: dark blue
  • lumi: snow
  • lumiukko: snowman
  • lumienkeli: snow angel
  • En puhu suomea: I don´t speak Finnish
  • Anteeksi mutta en ymmärrä: Sorry, but I don´t understand
  • Aamu: morning
  • Aamupäivä:  mid-morning
  • Päivä: noon
  • Iltapäivä: afternoon
  • ilta: evening
  • yö: night
  • Hyvää huomenta: good morning
  • Hyvää iltapäivä: good alternoon
  • Hyvää yötä: goodnighti
  • hyvää päivän jatkoa: have a good day
  • nähdään: see you

After this mix of vocabulary and expressions, we also talked about winter in Finland and how to deal with it. She showed me the word: kaamosväsymys, which means dark time of the year and tiredness.  This pretty much explains why I´m so tired all the time and now I understand why Finnish people are always drinking so much coffee and tea.

Finally, here I leave you the wonderful waffles we ate 🙂

NÄHDÄÄN !!!!!!

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