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We (me, Mutsumi and Tero) met on Thursday at Sokos Cafe. It is located at the top floor of Sokos department store. On the evenings you can also offer salad and pasta dishes there on a very affordable price (~10 €).

The theme of our meeting was to discuss about our favorite books, movies & music. I had checked some words and phrases in Japanese beforehand but I was not sure whether Japanese people really use those expressions when describing movies etc. But Mutsumi was there to point out what expressions and words are actually used. For example, here are the genres when talking about movies in Japanese:

saiensu fikushon = scifi

booken = adventure

komedii = comedy

dorama = drama

fantajii = fantasy

akushon = action

rabusutoorii = love story

romansu = romance

misuterii = mystery

sasupensu = suspense

suriraa = thriller

horaa = horror

From the word list above you can see how Japanese really like to borrow English words with minor modifications.

I brought some books by Alastair Reynolds and Philip K. Dick with me to show what kind of literature I like (scifi). We noticed that we like quite different kind of things. For example, I like music of Tori Amos but when I played “Caught a Lite Sneeze” from Youtube, Mutsumi found it to be haunting/intimidating:)

But we also found some things in common that we like. For example Mutsumi likes Studio Ghibli movies like I do and Tero and me both value Christian Bale‘s acting & Appleseed franchise (some nice fanart below).

Appleseed fanart

Overall we had interesting discussions and 2 hours went by really quickly.

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