Who doesn’t know oktoberfest? I’m sure everybody knows it. Since our group consists of german ladies we couldn’t miss it for sure! On oktober fest you get full of Bavarian traditional food and get drunk also! We had a meeting at Plevna brewery, in a bar where Oktoberfest event was held. There we listened to traditional Folk music played by a live band, drank beers from one liter mugs, which was very nice, and tried pretzels!

Maria and Jacqueline later explained us about the traditional dresses that are used by women during Oktoberfest. Dresses are called dirndl, the marital status of the women wearing it is indicated by the position of the skirt. On the right side it means that the woman is taken or married, on the left side it means single or not married, in the middle it shows she’s a virgin, and on the back it means she is a widow.

Nice evening with more than 20 people. Was a great experience, and looking forward for more! 🙂

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