French movie’s evening!

Last time we met with Audrey and Camille, we decided to watch some French movies, or at least we tried!

The girls started searching on the internet for a movie named: Camping ; set in the south of France on the sea obviously (like most of the camping in southern Europe); where a bunch of friends couples use to go for the summer holidays and meet with the other couples while enjoying the holidays together. During the staying, the friends are having different “adventures”, problems, they are gossiping etc. It was nice, and a bit weird at the same time, to see that in Italy we have a movie which is almost the same movie as Camping, same kind of story and so on…

Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu? Is the second movie that we tried to watch, the problem is that we couldn’t find any link (legal and also not-so-legal) to watch it, so we just watch the trailer and a small clip from YouTube. The movie talks about a catholic family formed by the parents and four daughters, were each one of them is in a relationship with a guy from a different religious background and so the parents are a bit worried about the situation but they are going through it in a funny way…

After this movie we watched a cartoon that the girls were watching when they were young, The name is Oui Oui! I think that cartoons for young kids are the easiest way to learn a new language, since the language is not really articulated and complex and for beginners is a good way to go!

We also talked about some French actors, and when the girls asked me who do I remember, I just said Gerard Depardieu, just because I didn’t remember others, but actually sometimes I have problem to remember Italian ones too, since most of the movie I watch are from the States… I forgot Sophie Marceau, Jean Reno or Brigitte Bardot etc…  But I knew that the Lumière brothers invented the cinema in the end of the 19th century.

Next time we’ll have the same kind of meeting, but about Italian movies and cinema..

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