Italian movie 🇮🇹

After watching the french movie last time, this meeting we have watched some Italian movies. We met again at the university.

First, we watched some extract of a comedy named “Quo vado!” which actually doesn’t mean anything in Italian, but in some dialect should mean:  ”here I go!”.

It talks about this guy, named Checco Zalone who, since childhood, wanted to became a guy with a fixed long-term job. Then, he got the job, but after some years with the global crisis, he is asked from some governmental agency to take some buyout and leave his position. However, he doesn’t want to do it, so the boss of this agency start to send him to work all around Italy to force him to leave the job. Still he doesn’t and, she sends him to Norway, where he fell in love with a workmate, and started to like to live up there. After in the movie, he starts to want to look like a Norwegian and dislike Italy.

Then, we watched an extract ”Una moglie bellissima”. It was really funny because it was exactly the same kind of story of the French movie “Camping”, and also, same kind of music, and actors acting.

As for the history of cinema/movie, Coloured TV came from in 1977 because, basically the Italian TV company RAI just wanted to save money and do not invest in the tv colour even if they could have done it in 1961. The history of the Italian cinema started a few months after the Lumière brothers had presented in public their original device, the Cinematograph, in 1895 in Paris: it is them who introduce it in Italy during the year 1896.

Then, Alessandro spoke about famous actors/actress in Italy, like:

  • Roberto Benigni: He wrote and act in: “La vita è bella”
  • Jhon Turturro: acts in “transformers
  • Robert De Niro: he’s American but has Italian parents.
  • Sophia Loren: very famous from the 50’s to the 90’s

I didn’t know any Italian actors before, only I knowns the famous Monica Belluci because she played in “Asterix & Obelix mission cléopâtre”, a famous french movie.

Italian cinema is really developped, and we can observe that it exists several French-Italian coproductions. It was a very interesting meeting! Next one will be in a bar to talk about musics and so on.

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