Food day!

Today Maris and I meet to have lunch and learn more vocabulary about food. It was a very short meeting because she had to work earlier but we enjoyed the time together.

Here is the list of words I learnt:

  • banaani: banana
  • omena: apple
  • appelsiini: orange
  • ananas: pineapple
  • persikka: peach
  • luumu: plum
  • kirsikka: cherry
  • viinirypäleet: grapes
  • aprikoosi: apricot
  • nektariini: nectarine
  • greippi: grapefruit
  • vesimelooni: watermelon
  • kiivi: kiwi
  • kookos: coconut
  • lime: lime
  • mandariini: tangerine
  • pähkinä: nuts
  • mansikka: strawberry
  • vadelma: raspberry
  • mustikka: blueberry
  • sitruuna: lemon
  • Tomaatti: tomato
  • luumu tomaatti: medium tomato
  • kirsikka tomaatii: cherries tomato
  • munakoiso: aubergine
  • kesäkurpitsa: courgette
  • paprika: pepper
  • salaatti: lettuce


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