Veggies, fruits and berries

We met on Friday and after thinking about Teresa having lunch/breakfast we thought that a good theme for a day will be food items. For first we went through many vegetables. We talked about our most used vegetables in both countries and found some fun differences again. Then we started to talk about fruits and berries. For first I told Teresa that the other day I was thinking what apple was in Spanish and I even remembered that it was a manzana. I also remembered that orange was naranja. I was so happy to hear that also Teresa remembered apple in Finnish too. She said she remembered that because she has bought them so many times from a convenient store. After that we started to talk about berries, which aren’t so popular in Spain as I noticed. Teresa wasn’t so familiar with any else berries but strawberries. And after that I surprised her by telling what all kinds of berries we grow in our backyard at my parents and also how many berries grow in Finnish forest. All in all, again it was so interesting to find out cultural differences in all of the normal stuff also and I learned lots of new words in Spanish. Luckily we are meeting again this week, on Thursday, can’t wait yet again.

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