Making Chinese food!(28.10.2017)

In the third meeting (28.10.2017), we made and ate Chinese food together. I eat Chinese food quite often so, I was really happy when they invite me to their house!

We made 4 different food. Dumpling, fried egg with tomato, tofu with intestines and soup. I also eat and make dumplings in Korea but the size and shape is different to Chinese one. Chinese dumpling is more big and round shape. The taste of dumpling was really good!!! Some foods like fried egg with tomato and tofu with intestines are little bit salty. But eat with dumpling and soup, they also taste good.

After we eat the food, we learn some words about food and weather.

ex ) yummy : hao chi / sunny day : qing tian / snow : xia xue / rain : xia yu

It was really good time. From this time, I can express the taste and weather in Chinese!

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