Let’s cook together ft. chef Loy!

My last blog was about how we went to the shopping mall and bought all ingredients needed.

This time went finally started to cook together. Packed with two bottles of wine we went to Loy’s place where he already started to cook. We tried to help him, but we noticed it’s better to not interrupt a chef while working. He was very focused and passionate about what he was doing, and we all were amazed from the outcome.

While eating we had the perfect opportunity to talk about cultural differences when it comes to eating manners.
Loy also told us, that his dream was to travel around in order to learn new meals and improve his cooking. At some point, he wants to settle and open an own restaurant in his home country.

Our meeting was a big success, not only because the food was very good, also because we a great time together. We also agreed on that we will make another cooking evening.
I really hope Loy’s dream will someday come true and then we will come and visit him in his restaurant.

Check out the dishes we cooked:

  • 酿豆腐 (yong tau foo) = Meat with aubergine.
  • 炒菜心 (chao cai xin) =  Stir fried vegetable.
  • 米粉汤 (mi fen tang) = Noodles soup with meat.
  • He also made a chili and soy sauce to attach to the dishes.

I am looking forward to our next meeting!

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