SATURDAY NIGHT? Movie, Snacks…

Hey there:)

Last night our international group decided to have one of the best ideas ever! Are you guys wondering what and how was it? Here it comes:

As the Finland weather does not let us to carry out any plans outside the building, the group agreed to have MOVIE, SNACKS and BLANKET NIGHT! What a awesome plan right?

First of all, we went to the supermarket to buy some drinks as well as food to enjoy better the movie. After that, some of us put all the food in the common room of TOAS CITY while Angel was setting up the cables to connect the TV with the laptop, making sure everything was going to be perfect.


Here we have got Angel choosing the movie.

After such long time, discussing about the gender of the movie: thriller, scary movies, romantic, action… We chose one of the cinema classics… Guess which movie we finally chose… THE TRUMAN SHOW! Angel and I were the only ones who have watched it before, but the other ones have never watched so it was a great time to start.

So after the movie we were learning and teaching some of the main words of that meeting. Here there is the list we made:

DUTCH                                 ENGLISH                             SPANISH

Film Movie Película
Supermarkt Supermarket Supermercado
Chips Chips Patatas fritas
Frisdrank Soda Refresco
Bier Beer Cerveza
Fruit Fruit Fruta
Groenten Vegetables Verduras
Vlees Meat Carne
Vis Fish Pescado
Kassa Checkout (counter) Mostrador
Acteur Actor Actor
Actrice Actress Actriz
Cinema Movie theatre/cinema Cine
Zetel Couch/sofa Sofá
Televisie Television Televisión
Beeld Image Imagen
Klank Sound Sonido
Afstandsbediening Remote control Mando a distancia
Kijken To watch Ver/mirar
Ondertiteling Subtitles Subtítulos



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