Time – Tempo

People living in Portugal live in haste. Time is indefinite, so let’s start by learning the month.
January – janeiro
February – fevereiro
March – março
April – abril
May – maio
June – junho
July – julho
August – agosto
September – setembro
October – outubro
November – novembro
December – dezembro

Of course, days of the week are worth-knowing too!
Monday – segunda-feira
Tuesday – terça-feira
Wednesday – quarta-feira
Thursday – quinta-feira
Friday – sexta-feira
Saturday – sábado
Sunday – domingo
If we want to ask: “What day is it ?”, we will use “Que dia é?”.
But question “What time is it?” is “Que horas são?”

Some useful phrases to define time:
quarter past – e quinze
quarter to –  quinze para
a morning – uma manhã
an afternoon – uma tarde
an evening/a night – uma noite

tomorrow – amanhã
today – hoje

Some of the words are similar to those in Spanish, which I learned two years ago.
Despite the fact that my native language is difficult to pronounce, the Portuguese language is more difficult and before I say it well my teacher will  laugh out a  little bit of my pronunciation.


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