EOTO – Pre-Christmas Party

We used the organized Pre-Christmas Party to do a new meeting.

It was the Christmas Party of all the members in the Each One Teach One Course.
We ate some Ginger bread and we also got Glögi, the Finnish Christmas drink.

Of course we used the time to talk about how everybody celebrates Christmas and it was pretty interesting to hear the differences. But mostly everyone spends a lot of time with the family in the Christmas days.

As every time we learned some new words in the three different languages.


  • Cookies – Kekse- 饼干 (binggan) – Galletas
  • Christmas – Weihnachten – 圣诞 (shengdan) – Navidades
  • Snow – Schnee- 雪 (xue) – Nieve
  • Santa claus – Weihnachtsmann- 圣诞老人 (shengdanlaoren) – Papá Noel
  • Lamb – Lamm – 羊肉 (yangrou) – Cordero
  • Present – Geschenk-礼物 (liwu) – Regalo
  • Song –Lied- 歌 (ge) – Canción

After that we played Cards with the other Each One Teach One Group and we had a lot of fun. The next meeting is going to be the Ice Hockey Match Tappara against Ässät.

Looking forward to that.

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