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The last meeting was in TOAS CITY, our student residence. We meet at 6 o’clock with the Belgian guys on the first floor of our building. The plan consisted in watching “Thruman’s show” movie while eating some chips and popcorns. We went into the “common room”, which is a common space for all the residents. In this place, there are two big sofas so we could rest all of us on them. We had a problem with the audio because the volume wasn’t loud enough, so we stayed totally silent to hear the whole movie. Before starting the movie, we made some popcorns in the microwave and opened two chips bags.

I really love this “Thruman’s show” film because it shows a reality very similar to “Big Brother” show. It’s one of my favourite films, that’s why I never get tired of seeing it. It has influenced a lot many music artists and writers from all over the world. The Belgian guys and Aranzazu haven’t seen it before, so we chose it. After watching the film, we started talking about it and translating some words into our mother tongue languages. We talked about some words related to our situation, like film, chips, actors…

Here I put a list of the words that we translated yesterday:

Film Movie Película
Supermarkt Supermarket Supermercado
Chips Chips Patatas fritas
Frisdrank Soda Refresco
Bier Beer Cerveza
Fruit Fruit Fruta
Groenten Vegetables Verduras
Vlees Meat Carne
Vis Fish Pescado
Kassa Checkout (counter) Mostrador
Acteur Actor Actor
Actrice Actress Actriz
Cinema Movie theatre/cinema Cine
Zetel Couch/sofa Sofá
Televisie Television Televisión
Beeld Image Imagen
Klank Sound Sonido
Afstandsbediening Remote control Mando a distancia
Kijken To watch Ver/mirar
Ondertiteling Subtitles Subtítulos


It was a very nice and calm meeting, we enjoyed it as always. I hope you all like my post and see you next weekend. I think we are going to go to the sauna in short time…



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