Tacos Dorados

In this meeting Diego showed us how to prepare a good Mexican dish which is called “tacos dorados”. The taco dough was made out of corn flour and water, we formed small balls out of the dough.

Diego showed us how to make the typical taco form. We put the bullet between two plastic pieces and put a plate on it so that the taco became flat and round.

The tacos have been baked in a pan without everything until they are brown from both sides.

For the filling we boiled potatoes and chicken. We mashed the potatoes and pulled the chicken. We had to place the filling inside of the taco and roll it.

In Mexico the tacos are eaten just with one of those fillings but we made a mixture and had also some with both fillings which were my favorites.

Finally the Tacos got fried in a pan and served with lettuce, cheese and some cream.

English Spanish German
food comida Essen
lettuce lechuga Salat
oil aceite Öl
corn flour harina de maíz Maismehl

It was a very nice evening with good conversations and even better food. 🙂

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