10. Meeting: Tallihipa, Riisipuuro and “Oh Tannenbaum”

It is not even December yet, but the atmosphere in Tampere feels a lot like christmas time. Especially in Tallihipa, where a little chrismtas market has opened and the cozy Tallihipa kahvila invites for a cozy kahvi.


Pauliina and I met at the kahvila for combining our last language session with a very tipical finnish dish: The christmas porridge. We translated the german christmas song Oh Tannenbaum and yes, we also sang it together! Then we looked at the finnish version of the song called Oi kuusipuu. I love that name. And I also like, that in German and Finnish the song is about the pinetree itself – in contrast to the English language, where the song is called “Oh Christmas Tree”. It was so lovely to see how the finnish language has some different meenings and words in basically the same song.

Pauliina also showed me another christmas song, she really likes. It is called Sylvian joululaulu and it is very beautiful. Pauliina sag it to me and we translated it and the meanings and words are very beautiful, and also very sad. I had the feeling, that christmas songs of different countries can tell a lot about the people and their values and christmas culture. I did the same with the german song Leise rieselt der Schnee. Singing these songs and hearing a finnish christmas song definately put me in a christmas mood now.

Also I got to know a very deliciuos (and filling!) dish called Riisipuuro. Finns eat this christmas rice porridge on the morning of the holy night, the 24th of December. It is cooked rice with milk, cinnamon and sugar and raisins. When you eat it in the morning, it fills you up for the day so you can be hungry again for the christmas dinner in the evening. Well I do really get the point – It is 1530 now and I am still very full. But it was so incredibly delicious!


I am so happy and grateful for all the moments I can share with Pauliina, learning so much about the little things in Tampere, in her life and about the language. Officially, this was our last meeting. But when we hugged it was out of question that we will meet a couple times more before I will leave back to Switzerland – To enjoy more christmas markets, Glögi, Tampere time, Pauliina time and yhdessä-aika.

Kiitos paljon Pauliina, ja nähdään!

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