Eight meeting – La familia

Our eight meeting was in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Sometimes we choose our topics before the meeting, but then we start to talk for other things and laughing together. Then topic is forgotten sometimes. But I think that’s one of the points, spending time together and knowing each other better? We have always very fun in our meetings!

At this meeting we learned only familymembers and relationships words in spanish and finnish.

FINNISH                           SPANISH                          ENGLISH

Mies                                    Hombre                              Man

Nainen                               Mujer                                   Woman

Poika                                  Chico                                   Boy

Tyttö                                   Chica                                    Girl

Isä                                       Padre/Papá                        Father/dad

Äiti                                      Madre/Mamá                     Mother

Veli                                     Hermano                             Brother

Sisko/Sisar                      Hermana                             Sister

Isoäiti                                 Abuela                                Grandmother

Isoisä                                  Abuelo                                Grandfater

Poikaystävä                      Novio                                  Boyfriend

Tyttöystävä                       Novia                                  Girlfriend

Ystävä                                  Amigo/Amiga                   Friend

Serkku                                  Primos                              Cousins

Täti                                         Tía                                       Aunt

Setä                                        Tío                                      Uncle

Vauva                                     Bebé                                  Baby

Vanhemmat                        Padres                               Parents


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