Gala for the Independence Day of Finland

For our last meeting we decided to go to the Gala for the 100th birthday of Finland.

They prepared a speech and a big buffet for us. We had some wine and some Finger Food.
If looked very nice and it was very interesting.

While eating we talked a bit about the time here in Finland and about out plans to see each other again. I hope we will see each other again.

And for the last time we learned some new Vocabulary.

English- Spanish- Chineese- German

  • Birthday- Cumpleaños- 生日 (shengri)-  Geburtstag
  • Cake- Tarta- 蛋糕 (dangao)- Kuchen
  • Wine- Vino- 葡萄酒 (putaojiu)- Wein
  • Reindeer- Reno- 驯鹿 (xunlu)- Rentiere
  • Farewell- Despedida- 告别 (gaobie)-  Abschied
  • Present- Regalo- 礼物 (liwu)- Geschenk
  • City hall – Ayuntamiento- 市政厅 (sizen ting)- Rathaus
  • Theater- Teatro- 剧院 (juyuan)- Theater
  • Banquet hall- Sala de banquetes- 宴会厅 (yanhui ting)- Festsaal
  • Independence – Independencia- 独立(duli)- Unabhängigkeit
  • Party – Fiesta- 派对 (paidui)- Feier
  • Elegant – Elegante- 再见(zaijian)- Elegant

For me Each One Teach One was a great Experience. With every meeting our relationship got better and in the end we got good friends.
I would like to see you guys again also in Munich to celebrate the real Oktoberfest together. That would be great. I wish you all the best and a safe trip back home.

Will miss you guys. Thanks for the great time and Thanks for the presents Loy.

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