Movie at City 🍿🎬

Hi guys, the last Saturday we had another meeting. We had thought about to go to the sauna but it was closed so, like a lot of other times, we had to change the plans haha.
Finally we decided to watch a movie at City Toas. So first, we went to the supermarket (K Market) to buy some snacks to eat… We bought chips and popcorns and we were looking and talking about some foodstuffs that we love or about products that we have or don’t have in our countries… For example, I talked about Marabou’s brand, because I love it (chocolate, cookies…) and unfortunately, we don´t have in Spain.

Then, we went to the common’s room at City Toas, and we started to think about what movie we could watch… Angel had a login in a famous website to watch movies… so we were looking some lists which appeared and, although at the beginning we didn´t know which one to choose … finally Marta told us, we can watch The Truman show! Marta, Angel and Cris love that film, and the Belgian guys and I hadn’t watched it, so we thought it was a great idea to watch it.

The film goes on two hours approximately and, although is interesting, I prefer other kind of movies like action or romantic movies haha. In addition, we had to be really quiet for the entire movie because there was a problem with the volume…
The Truman show is about an study of the society (really similar to “Big Brother”) which tries to know about the human behavior in different contexts. It was funny because sometimes we made comments like “Imagine we are in a study now”…, “what would you do if you discover that all people are looking at you?” “Would you like to watch the videos that City Toas’ cameras are recording…?”

Personally, I know it would be really rare… but this is not the first time that I think about that can be possible! Haha. So, although it isn’t my favorite film…, I recommend to everybody to watch it, because it makes you think a lot and also because is really funny.
Finally, and as in the most part of the meetings, we were translating some words that we had learned… I love when we do this, because I really like to compare the similar and different words from our countries.
So I want to share with you the list and some pictures… and I hope you enjoy.
Thank you.


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