Hello people:

On the last Tuesday ( 28th November) my awesome friends and i were feeling like having a typical finnish party, but where was the best place to have an amazing party and also not to be frozen on the street? Well, we found out the answer really quick… SAUNA PARTY!!!!

Fortunately we have the nicest sauna ever in our building so we decided to carry out our meeting there, enjoying the finnish culture.First of all we changed all our clothes so we put our swimsuits on. Actually the situation turned  really funny as Thomas and Arne started to do funny thing with the towels haha they were pretending to be a girl, trying to cover their chests and so on.


We had a really good time learning all the words related to the SAUNA, we were not able to have the notebook and the pen in the sauna but we did them all together later on.

I was the one who were taking all the random pictures. SUCH FUNNY MOMENTS I HAVE IN MY CAMERAL ROLL!!!

Here there is the list we prepared for the words we have learnt:

Sauna Sauna Sauna
Seco/a Dry Droog
Húmedo/mojado Damp/wet Damp/nat
Traje de Baño/ Bañador Swimsuit Zwembroek/badpak
Chanclas Flip Flops/ Sandals Slippers/ Sandalen
Toalla Towel Handdoek
Duchar(se) To have a shower Douchen
Ducha Shower Douche
Sudar To sweat Zweten
Sudor Sweat Zweet
Beber agua To drink water Water drinken
Hidratar(se) To hydrate Hydrateren
Agua Water Water
Agua caliente Hot water Warm water
Agua fría Cold water Koud water
80º  grados/ ochenta grados Eighty degrees Tachtig graden
100º grados/ cien grados One hundred degrees Honderd graden
Temperatura Temperature Temperatuur
Temperatura alta High temperature Hoge temperatuur
Temperatura baja Low temperature Lage temperatuur


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