Ice-Hockey game!

For our 9th meeting we thought of something more exciting: Ice-Hockey!



It was the game Tappara (from Tampere) against Ässät (from Pori). The game was quite exciting but some of us considered the cheerleaders even more exciting. We then started talking about that and Maria explained that in Spain it is not common. Tomi on the other hand said that in Germany some teams in some sports have cheerleaders. I think though that it is more an American thing.

The game was good, at first Tapara was leading all the time, but eventually Ässät managed to get it even and with the end coming closer, the game got more intense. Finally team Ässät succeeded with 4:3 and the game was over.

We discussed the following vocabulary:

English                       Germans                                Chinese                                      Spanish

(ice)Hockey              Eishockey                              曲棍球 (qugunqiu)                Hockey (sobre hielo)
Hockey stick            Eishockeyschläger             曲棍球棍 (qugunqiugun)   Palo de hockey/stick
Game                          Spiel                                         游戏 (youxi)                             Juego/partido
Tricot                          Trikot                                        经编 (jing bian)                      Camisola
Team                           Mannschaft                           队伍 (duiwu)                           Equipo
Referee                      Schiedsrichter                     裁判 (caipan)                           Árbitro
Ice-skates                 Schlittschuhe                       溜冰 (liubing)                          Patines de hielo
Goal                            Tor                                            入球 (ru qiu)                             Gol
To play                       spielen                                   玩 (wan)                                     Jugar
Whistle                      Pfeife                                       哨子 (shaozi)                            Silbar
Cheerleader            Cheerleader                         啦啦队 (laladiu)                      Animadora

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