Pre-Christmas Party

For our 8th meeting we decided to go to the pre-Christmas party organized by EOTO at Tamko house. We brought some refreshments of our own but there were also some foods and drinks provided. I tried some of the Finland typical glögi and some cookies. Glögi here is quite different from what I know at home, especially since there is no taste of wine at all, but it was good none the less.

We talked about Christmas traditions in the home countries. German and Spanish Christmas dishes are quite similar, usually a lamb or some ham. In Malaysia on the other hand, Christmas is not celebrated as we know it. People get together and do something, but there is no special custom with presents or Christmas tree.

Later on, we played a card game with the people remaining at the party.

Following the vocabulary we learned at that course:

English                 German                        Chinese                                                Spanish

Cookies                Kekse                            饼干 (binggan)                                  Galletas

Christmas            Weihnachten            圣诞 (shengdan)                               Navidades

Snow                      Schnee                        雪 (xue)                                                 Nieve

Santa claus          Weihnachtsmann    圣诞老人 (shengdanlaoren)      Papá Noel

Lamb                      Lamm                           羊肉 (yangrou)                                 Cordero

Present                  Geschenk                    礼物 (liwu)                                         Regalo

Song                       Lied                                歌 (ge)                                                Canción

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