Suomi 100

For our 9th meeting, we decided to go to the celebration of the Independance Day on the 6th of December. Since Finland declared its independance 100 years ago, it was a significant event and a huge number of people gathered in the center of Tampere to watch the performers and the fireworks.

The whole city turned into blue and white for this occasion and also some big cities around the world, even Budapest in Hungary had some blue and white lights on a sight to honor the anniversary of Finland.

There were speeches and some Finnish songs and also the national anthem performed and while we were waiting for the best part (fireworks), Krista told us a bit about the history of Finland and its position in foreign affairs.

I’ve also asked about the army duty, since in Hungary my dad still had to join, but it’s not obligatory any longer. I’ve learned that the boys have to join the army around the age of 18, but they can also postpone it in case of studies for example, and women can also join, but its not mandatory for them. Since Krista’s friend had personal experiences, he could share some details about his time in the army as a cook.

It was a really nice experience to take part in the celebration of the 100th birthday of Finland and learn something about the history as well. At the end we watched the amazing fireworks that were worth waiting for even though it was freezing cold outside.

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