This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later!

For our last meeting, we decided to go to the Gala for the 100th birthday of Finland. It took place in Tampere City hall, located at Keskustori. It was a big event with many people. We got some typical Finnish finger food and whine. I was so impressed by the beauty of the building I couldn’t stop watching it. There also was music and at some point we sang the Finnish national hymn.

No fun without some work, here our vocabulary that we noted:

  • Birthday- Cumpleaños- 生日 (shengri)-  Geburtstag
  • Cake- Tarta- 蛋糕 (dangao)- Kuchen
  • Wine- Vino- 葡萄酒 (putaojiu)- Wein
  • Reindeer- Reno- 驯鹿 (xunlu)- Rentiere
  • Farewell- Despedida- 告别 (gaobie)-  Abschied
  • Present- Regalo- 礼物 (liwu)- Geschenk
  • City hall – Ayuntamiento- 市政厅 (sizen ting)- Rathaus
  • Theater- Teatro- 剧院 (juyuan)- Theater
  • Banquet hall- Sala de banquetes- 宴会厅 (yanhui ting)- Festsaal
  • Independence – Independencia- 独立(duli)- Unabhängigkeit
  • Party – Fiesta- 派对 (paidui)- Feier
  • Elegant – Elegante- 再见(zaijian)- Elegant

At first, I was sceptical about this course, because I wasn’t sure about the learning outcome. But this course made me realize many different things, things that are even more important than education. I learned so much about different cultures. But not only that. The fact that after “only” ten meetings we really went form total strangers to good friends amazed me. We promised each other that this was not a goodbye, this is going to be a see you later and I am looking forward to our 11th meeting.
Anyway, until this day I wish you guys from the bottom of my heart the very best for your future!

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