Christmas market: The last meeting :(


Well guys, this time has come already but we must face it.

This was our last meeting as a class but not the last one of our lifes. As i said before the time has come and we can do nothing about it. This means that our stage as Erasmus students is over, also means that we are leaving Tampere which makes us pretty upset inasmuch as we love the city, the finnish culture and of course FINNISH PEOPLE.

What has EOTO contributed us in this last four months? These meetings have changed our lifes forever as a HUMAN. We can say for sure that our experience in Tampere has been unforgettable and will mark our lives forever

On December 12th, our awesome team decided to meet up at the typical Christmas Market of Tampere. It was such an amazing day inasmuch as it snowed since 7am to 10 pm so the whole street was full of snow as well as full of people.

When we arrived to the market, we started to walk around to discover all the christmas ornaments, typical food such as candy, ginger cookies with funny shapes and so on. I finally bought some typical Finnish candies … i will take them with me to Spain because my little cousins will live these candies hahah.

Later on, we saw  Santa Claus walking next to us and we got pretty excited ( we took some random videos of him) Also, we went to appreciate the huge Christmas tree:


This is not a goodbye, it is a ” SEE YOU SOON”

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