Food is always a good idea!

On our second to last meeting, we thought it would be a great idea to let each other taste typical food from our countries. We chose to meet again in TOAS City.

Thomas and I still had some Belgian beer at home, so this was the perfect opportunity to bring it! The beer is called ‘Brugse zot’ and it’s actually from the city we both study. For the food part, we had the option to bring waffles, fries and chocolate. But since it’s impossible to make good fries or waffles without the right equipment, we decided to go with chocolate.

The Spanish people also had some food from their home country, which was a typical dish with beans, meat and spices. It has a really special flavor and you either like it or you don’t, there is no in between haha! And then of course they had some serrano ham, which was really good.

During the meeting, we talked about some other typical dishes and we told them how to make better fries! While we were eating chocolate, Marta was convinced it was Belgian chocolate so the look in her eyes was really funny when we told her it wasn’t haha. We made a word list with some of the words, but most of it was just talking again.

Looking forward to our next meeting, and sadly that will already be the last one …

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