Last meeting in the Christmas Market

Two days ago, on the 13th of December, we had our last meeting .

As I could advance in the other post this meeting would be in the Christmas market and it was great to stay there because it snowed, there were many things to buy, many people, etc … Also we could see that they have typical markets in Finland and that they diffent from ours in Spain or Belgium.

We met with Thomas and Arne in  the entrance and we started to see all the stands. We could taste a lot of typical food and buy typical candies made by hand by a woman who had her own candy factory. These did not have any dye and were 100% natural.

The Christmas atmosphere was beautiful, an incredible place.

Then, we saw “Santa Claus” and we wanted to take a picture of him but he didn’t stop to walk and we had to follow him for a lot of time. We ended up making a selfie.

Finally, we saw one car blocked with the Christmas tree in the middle of the main square. We could not believe how that car had ended there, the situation was super strange as well as funny.

The last photo of the last meeting has been in that tree.

Later we went back to see them since that night we went to party with them, but even so, it is sad to see that it is our last meeting.

I hope we can see each other soon and thank you all for reading the post.

A huge kiss and goodbye

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