Suomi 100

On our 9th meeting we decided to see the fireworks on the event of Suomi 100 on 6th of December. The 6th of December is the Santa Claus day in Hungary, while here it is a whole other thing.

So we met at the main square of Tampere to enjoy this event. We had an opportunity to listen some Finnish musicians and singers. It was really nice. Meanwhile Krista told as about the Independence Day and the historical events which are connection with this day. They celebrate the declaration of independence from Russia in 1917.  Also she told us about the Winter War in 1939-1940 and Continuation War in 1941-1944. A friend of her was with us too and he told a lot about the military services which he has done. It is really impressive what they are doing in the military.

The fireworks was really beautiful and the whole celebration was a nice event. I learned some about the Finnish Independance Day.

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